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Nutritious and Delicious

If you would ever watch Noah eat, you would think that he is one of the most undernourished children out there. He isn't really a picky eater, he just doesn't eat that much. At least at home. Our daycare provider says that he eats really well for her.

Take for instance last night... I got home late, which is going to be the norm for the next couple of months. Misty had already fed Noah and was waiting to eat supper with me. We were having something new, and we weren't sure how well Noah was going to eat it, so Misty made him maccaroni and cheese. I guess he ate that pretty well.

When I got home and sat down to eat, Noah decided that he was still hungry. He wanted a hamburger bun. Nothing on it. Just the bun. There was no arguing. He enjoyed his hamburger bun with a little salt and pepper and some Cheetos.

I guess it is the sides that make the meal.

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