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Why is Mommy Crying?

One of the biggest parts of being a father, for me, is being a husband. And, a lot of being a husband is providing strength when my wife needs it.

Today is one of those times. A tragedy has occured in my wife's life. The exact nature of the tragedy and the names of the peeople that it occured to are not important to relate at the moment. At this point, all I can do is make sure that Misty understands that I am here for her and that I will do everything that I can to support her and be there to listen when she needs it.

On top of it all, Noah doesn't understand what is going on at all. He knows that mommy is upset and that she is crying. He is very young, though. and doesn't understand. Hell, I am old and I don't understand.

Why is Mommy crying? Becuase she needs to.

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