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Chugga, Chugga. Chugga, Chugga. Choo!! Choo!!

Noah and I went to meet Thomas the Tank Engine today. I am not sure that he is a huge Thomas fan, but he is a really huge train fan.

When we walked in to the park where Thomas was, it took Noah a couple of minutes before he noticed the train, at which point he turned to me and yelled "Daddy, Choo Choo!"

We walked around for a while before it was our turn to ride the train. In all, the ride took about 30 minutes and Noah thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. We got to see a great deal of what I would consider standard Kansas scenery... soy beans, hay and tractors. Noah really did enjoy it, though.

On a side note, it is about 10:15 or so and Noah and I are the only people in the house. About 5 minutes ago, I heard someone walking around, which really got my heart rate up. It couldn't be Noah... He had been in bed for well over an hour.

After a little investigation, I found that Noah had gotten out of bed, snuck downstairs and was sitting in the hallway outside the livingroom watching TV with me.

Another day, another adventure.

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