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Commercial Time

Noah is really starting to be affected by television commercials. Not that he has gotten to the point that he is asking us to buy things that he sees, but I am sure that will come soon enough. Instead he has commercials that are his favorites and he gets mad when the aren't on.

He has two current favorites. The first one is for Augustine Exterminators, a local extermination company. They have a jingle that he really gets a kick out of. You can hear the jingle on their website. It is usually on in the morning around 6:30 or so and if it doesn't, he starts asking me to put it on.

His other favorite took me a while to figure out. He started walking around the house a couple of days ago saying, "Cayahemenah? Good!"

I was in the next room when it started and didn't put two and two together until I walked in to the room he was in. He was holding a toy cell phone and every two or three steps yelling that in to the phone. I put it all together and we both laughed. Then today, when the commercial came on TV, he ran over and grabbed his phone and started it all over again.

Can you hear me now? Good!


At least we got someone hooked....may be young yet to buy one of our phones, but we like to start em young, just like the tobacco companies....

Come on, Matt! Who wouldn't love the Augustine Exterminators song?

I'm glad that you, Missy and Noah are doing great, and look forward to reading about all of your adventures.

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