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Three Hours

Three hours can be an extremely long time.

Waiting for three hours in a doctors waiting room is torture. Sitting through Kevin Costner's movie The Postman is hell. Sitting on the tarmac in an airplane waiting because of airport delays is enough to make you pull your hair out.

Three hours can also be an intolerably short time.

For me, there are three hours every day that pass by in a total blur. During the week right now, I only get to see Noah for three hours a day, and I really think that sucks.

My work schedule is keeping me out of the house more than I want. I am working with a lot of people that don't have children and they don't understand that I need to be home. Its not just that I want to be home. I really need to be home. I need to see Noah. I need to hear the funny things that he says and watch the funny things that he does. I want those things, too. But there is a certain level of need that you develop when you are a daddy.

I didn't gain a lot of brownie points this week when one of the people that I work with suggested that I stay late to finish up some things. I told her that I couldn't and that was the end of it. She wasn't really happy, but that was her problem, not mine. She doesn't understand and she probably never will.

Three hours can be torture or it can be a gift, depending on your perspective in life.


I understand how much can be missed in a short period of time. I remember the six and seven month gaps in your lives when I wasn't able to see you. I would get mad when I was told about things that you were doing that I was not a part of. Still today there are converstations that start about things that happen and there is the always present "Oh, You were gone". I learned to treasure the time I had with my kids, that is probably why Mom was always the person in charge of discipline. If people don't understand why you need to get home that truely is their loss. The raised eyebrow and the "Youv'e got kids" even though they believe they are being condesending is one of the greatest compliments that a Parent can get, it is also the reason that I as a grandparent want, no, need to see my grandkids.


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