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The Littlest Picker

Today, we went to pick grapes at the Davenport Winery in Eudora, Kansas. It is about a half-an-hour from our house. Misty and I really like the wine from there so we decided it would be a good idea to help them out and get the harvest done. Plus, they were going to feed us and invite us to the unveiling party for a new wine they have coming out this fall.

We got there at about 8:00 or so and it was already 83 degrees outside. There were about 8 other people already in the field out picking. After a short class on what to cut and how not to cut your fingers off, they sent us into the field to get started. We were going to be cutting Marechal Foch grapes, which are very tight, small clusters. The grapes themselves are dark purple and very sweet.

While Misty and I cut the grapes from the vines, it was Noah's job to pick up any grapes that we dropped and throw them in the tub. He thought that was a lot of fun and that managed to keep him busy for a couple of hours.

By around 10:30 or so, it had already heated up to over 90 degrees at which point Noah started to get a little antsy. After all, picking up all those grapes was pretty tiring work. We knew that he probably was getting a little bored and wouldn't want to stick around too much longer. He sat down under some of the vines and had a drink, which kept him happy for a little while longer.

After a little while longer, Greg, the owner of the vineyard, came over and asked how the littlest picker was doing. Noah looked up and told him that he was hot. Greg agreed and said that as soon as we were done with this last couple of vines, we would have lunch. He also invited Misty and Noah to head up to the wine tasting building so they could get into the air conditioning.

Once we had finished picking we went back and ate lunch. A couple of the people commented on how well behaved Noah was and that they thought it was neat to have someone his size come out and help pick.

I am pretty sure that we are going to go back again. I wasn't sure that Noah enjoyed it until we went to leave and he sat down and told us that he was going to stay.

Hopefully next time we head out, it won't be so hot or we may be picking raisins.


I found your post so touching, I linked it on my blog. Thanks for sharing this story.

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