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But I Got To!

Around bedtime, Noah usually tries to extend the amount of time he can stay up by being cute and loveable. Not that he isn't normally cute and loveable, but more so. First, he tells us that he wants to sit a minute. This means that he wants to sit on one of our laps and snuggle. That is usually enough to extend his bedtime a little bit.

Then, when his minute is up, he draws out the decision of who is going to take him upstairs. First going back and forth between Mommy and Daddy and kissing us. Usually telling us that it is the other person's turn to take him upstairs. This, too, usually allows him to add a few more minutes.

Tonight, though, he added a new interesting thing. He started asking to take different toys upstairs with him, including a large stuffed bunny that is bigger than he is. When I told him that he couldn't take the bunny upstairs, be came over, looked me in the eye and said, "But I got to!"

It made me laugh and extended his bedtime a little longer, which is what he wanted.

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