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1-2-3 Timeout

Tonight was almost comical.

Noah was being a bit of a pain and decided to start knocking over chairs in the dining room. Not accidentally. He was throwing them over. That got him a timeout.

He and I spent the next 15 minutes working on his timeouts. Not that he had a 15 minute timeout. He was only going to be in there 2 minutes, but every time that he got out of timeout, the clock started over and he went right back in. After a while, I had to laugh because every time I walked out of the room, he would get out of the chair and I would turn around and and put him back in. After he got the hang of it, and he stayed in there his two minutes, I went in to get him and told him that the only thing he had to do was to go out and tell Mommy he was sorry.

To make a really long story short, three more timeouts and 15 minutes later, Misty finally got her apology.

This boy is as stubborn as his father...


Amen brother. I remember a night when a certain young man and I had a meeting of the minds. It seems as if his mother left home and went to visit the neighbors. Matt do you still say excuse me please when you want to leave the table.

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