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My Knees Hurt

Noah has been complaining about his knees hurting quite a bit recently. When it isn't his knees, it is his elbows. Or his feet. Misty and I figured that it is normal growing pains, but we were completely shocked today when we found out how much.

This morning, Noah found one of my tape measures down in the basement, so I figured that it would be a good time to see how tall he is. I got him to stand up against the wall, marked his place and measured. He is 39.5 inches tall! I did some research on it, and that puts him at the 100th percentile for height for a 3 year old. He doesn't turn 3 until November 7.

I don't know where he gets it. I am not that tall and both of my parents aren't tall. Misty's family is all on the short side of average. The only height that I know of is on my mother's side. Her brothers are all pretty tall... It must have skipped a generation.

I can only hope that when I have to look up to Noah to talk to him, that he still has to look up to me as his old man.


The hope is always that no matter how big your kids get that you have given them something to look up to you for. I may not be stature but maybe values, memories and the knowledge that no matter what else happens in the world someone loves them for just who they are.

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