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Why does she do this to me?

Let me set the mood for you...

It is night and it is dark. I am laying in bed with full knowledge that all is secure in my world. Noah is in bed and asleep. The gate is up across the stairs so that if Noah gets up and wanders around, he won't fall down the stairs and hurt himself.

I am the king of my castle and my castle is impervious.

I reach over and turn off the light. Misty leans over close to me and says those words. The words that will drive me into action faster than just about anything else that she could say.

"Did you close the garage door?"

The inevitable thought process that goes through my mind is something like this:

Sure I did. I distinctly remember doing it when I came in.
Didn't I?
Yeah, I remember pushing the button.
I think.
Lets see, it was when I came in the house from the store. I pushed it.
Or was that yesterday.


That phrase always puts enough doubt into my brain to make me get out of bed, scale the gate (I am not going to take it down), stumble down stairs, step on one of Noah's toys, swear, walk to door to the garage, turn on the light only to discover... the door is closed!

Of course it is... I am the king of my castle and my castle is impervious. And, of course, by the time I retrace my steps, my queen is asleep.

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