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Life Happens

What can I say? Life happens.

It has been a long time since I posted anything out here. Its not that I have abandoned the site... Life has been happening all over the place.

Work has been a bit crazy. I spent most of the month of October traveling. I have never really enjoyed traveling. Basically, you work a ton of hours and then you either go back to the hotel and watch TV or you go to a restaurant, have a few drinks and then go back to the hotel and watch TV. It could be fun, but I would rather be home. Before Noah, Misty never really liked it when I traveled. Now, there is even more dislike. When we are both home, we can play off of each other and act as a pressure valve when things get a little crazy. When I am not here, things get pretty stressful. The travel schedule has decreased, so things are starting to get back to normal there.

Things around the house have been pretty busy recently as well. Besides my travel schedule, we went on vacation the first week of November. This is our normal big vacation that we always take during that week, only with a twist. Instead of heading down to Florida and having a Disney experience, we went on a Disney Cruise. I have to say that it was one of the more enjoyable vacations that we have had in a while. We went on an 7-day Eastern Carribean cruise to St. Martin, St. Thomas and Castaway Cay. All of us had a great time. Misty and I shot close to 20 rolls of film and Noah used up 3 disposable cameras while we were on the trip. Once we get them all back, I will post some of the photos up here as well as some insider information that people might find useful for cruising with a 3-year-old.

3-year-old, you ask? That's right. Noah turned three while we were on the ship. We thought that when he turned three, everything would be so much easier and the terrible twos would be over. I can tell you from first hand experience... Nope. Not even. Part of Noah's recent issues have been that he hasn't completely recovered from the trip and has been pretty cranky. Hopefully, he will recover soon and will be back to his normal loveable self.

Like I said, life has been happening all over the place. Watch where you step or you may ruin your shoes.

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