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Tae Kwon Do

When you have a three-year-old that has a tendency to kick and punch when he decides to throw a fit, what is the best thing that you can do? Teach him to kick and punch more accurately and with power.

OK. I'll be the first to admit that this may not be one of my brighter moments, but Misty and I decided to enroll Noah in Tae Kwon Do last week. Not just Noah, but the whole family. We have only been going a week, and I can already see a change coming over Noah. The changes are kind of small at the moment, but they are there. He really pays attention to Master Justin, the instructor at the school that we are going to. Master Justin is a 24-year-old guy that has the patience of Job. He just doesn't take on the responsibility of teaching one or two three year olds, but he teaches a class of 15 three through seven year olds. And he does it by himself. That is what I call impressive.

Already, Noah is working through the basic hand movements. This isn't the simplest thing in the world, especially for a child as young as he is. He knows that you start with a double punch and that you move into a side block. There are several movements after that, but this is great progress.

Here are a couple of other observations that I have about getting a child as young as Noah into something like Tae Kwon Do.

  • Talk to the instructor. There will be a lot of instructors that have no interest in teaching children. There will also be instructors that say that they will teach kids, but only because they need the money. Find one that you are comfortable with.

  • Talk to your friends, neighbors and coworkers to see if they have any recommendations. Chances are, you will find people that know something about the local schools.

  • Go with your kids. They will be more comfortable with you there. Also, there really isn't anything cuter that a little kid running around in a dobok.

  • Get involved and learn it as well. It is a great workout and you really don't want to be shamed by having your child kick your butt when he is five.

Noah has really taken to Tae Kwon Do and so have Misty and I. I am sure there will be more to come.

Who knows, maybe we will have the next Chuck Norris on our hands.

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