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Bald is Beautiful

There is something about hair, or more accurately the lack of hair, that intrigues Noah.

As far as I know, Noah has only been around one person that is follically challenged. For some reason, that image has burned itself into his brain. Now, whenever he sees a picture of a bald person from the back, he asks if it is that person. Yes, I am not coming directly out and saying who that person is, just in case they have an issue with it.

Anyway, Noah took it to a whole new level yesterday, as children often do. This time, we were at a restaurant having lunch when a man who had shaved his head came in.

Noah got this look on his face, and I knew what was coming... In a not-so-quiet voice Noah exclaimed, "Where did his hair go?'

Misty and I immediately hushed him as well as we could, but he kept asking.

"Where is it?"

Since we were already getting ready to head for the door, we were able to quickly extricate ourselves from the situation.

We have to remember that Noah is at that age where everything that comes out of his mouth is liable to embarass us.

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