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The boy and I are going 'round and 'round right now and today has been especially frustrating.

When he woke up this morning, he immediately started throwing a fit. I'm not sure what it was about and it went on for about 15 minutes. After he calmed down, we got him dressed. That wasn't that bad.

Then, he started to throw a fit because I wasn't going to take him to daycare today. Misty was going to take him after he got his second flu shot.

I went to pick him up from daycare and then took him to Tae Kwon Do. He did really well yesterday when Misty took him, but he didn't do all that well today. Today he didn't pay attention to Master Justin and didn't follow any directions. It was probably because I was there and was a distraction to him, but it still was a bit frustrating.

When we got home, we went back on the potty training kick. Yesterday, he did really well. Not a single accident. Today, 5 minutes after I took his diaper off, he had an accident. Normally, I would have no problems with that, but he decided to have his accident in my recliner. He soaked it and then he laughed about it.

Finally, he has been trying to find any reason to stay awake longer than he is supposed to. Normally, he goes to bed around 8:30. He gets one story and then it is bed time. Recently he has been picking longer and longer books, which I don't really discourage, but I do wish he would pick shorter books. He also has been asking any question or for anything that he can think of to stay up. It really tries the patience.

Hopefully tomorrow Noah will wake up happy. Hopefully tomorrow the chair will be dry.

Hopefully my patience will go a little further.


Hey, have you ever tried cutting your night short and going to your bedroom at 9 or so and putting him down at the same time? My parents started doing that for my sister when she was 3 or 4...I remember they would go and lay in their room to watch a show at 9 and put her down and turn off all the lights, except a reading lamp and the TV.

She used to get up all the time and not be "tired" until they tried going to bed. It's just a thought. I mean, if he knows you are both up, he thinks to himself, why can't I be up too? You guys seemed to have raised a very self reliant kid and you are at the point where he has started to think for himself and knows when he's getting a "raw deal".

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