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Fowled Out

Misty and I make it a point to never say that we dislike any food in front of Noah. We had decided that this was going to be the way that it happened long before he was born.

The reason for this is that it has been a pet peeve of mine for as long as I can remember hearing from people that they don't like something that they haven't tried. I have always been a very open minded person when if comes to trying new things and it has led me to find quite a few odd things that I really like.

The result of us not saying this in front of Noah has been productive. He likes a lot of things that kids his age say they don't like because they haven't experienced them. For example, he likes pickles and he likes Tobasco sauce. When we first started eating out with him, I refused to order him a plain hamburger. Let him decide. Now, we usually order it without onions because he decided that he doesn't like raw onions. That is fine with me... he has tried them. As long as he has at least tasted it, I am fine.

This leads me, though, to why I am bringing this up today. I went to a new Thai restaurant today. While I was eating my soup, I found this round thing about the size of the yolk of a hard boiled egg in my soup. I pulled it out of the soup and tried to stab it with my fork... It was rubbery. It was completely white with no markings. My assumption was that it wasn't an eyeball and that it wouldn't be in my soup if it wasn't edible, so I ate it. When I bit in to it, it popped. It was salty and had kind of a metallic taste to it. It wasn't completely disgusting, just not all that great.

It was at that point that I asked the waitress what it was. She went in to the kitchen and returned with someone else to tell me what it was.

It was a soft-boiled quail egg.

I have been thinking about it ever since lunch.

What I can say... I won't make Noah try it. If he decides he doesn't like it without tasting it, I'll deal with it.


Ewww....I hate soft boiled eggs, that's nasty enough with chicken eggs, all runny and funky....ewww.

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