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... on the boat

Have you ever seen that commercial that Disney has about their cruise line? The basic gist of the commercial is that this little girl, probably about 4 years old, is on an elevator and is telling everyone about her Disney Cruise . One of the people on the elevator asks the girls' mother if they had just gotten back. The mother tells her fellow passengers that it had been a year since they had been on that trip.

It is a really cute commercial and I can tell you that it is 100% accurate. It hasn't been a year since we came back from our Disney Cruise, but Noah mentions it at least once a day. I know that he had a good time on the boat, but I didn't know that he would be so completely enamored by it.

Tonight, he was eating popcorn. Out of the blue, he started talking about the popcorn on the boat and how he didn't want Mommy to eat it. Yesterday, we were getting ready to go out to eat and we asked Noah where he wanted to go. He said he wanted to go get pasta, just like when we were on the boat. And then he asked if Sasa was going to be there. Sasa was the lead server for our table and always treated Noah very well. I guess that sort of stuck.

The funniest thing about all of this is that Noah expects to go back. Not only does he expect to go back, he is already packing for it. He had his own little carry on bag that we got him to take and he has already started putting things in his bag for "when we go on our trip". If you ask him where we are going, he says on an airplane and then on a boat.

Looks like we had better start saving...

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