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Start Listening

Noah had a pretty rough afternoon. Well, to be more specific, Misty had a really bad afternoon because Noah just wouldn't listen.

For the past couple of days, Noah has decided that he isn't going to listen or do what he is supposed to at Tae Kwon Do. I know, he is only three, but he does know this stuff and, as far as we can tell, he is enjoying it. He isn't required to do a lot... Paying attention during the warmups usually isn't that hard for him. He usually does pretty well. The biggest things are that he has to acknowledge when the masters speak to him by saying "Yes, Sir!". When the masters ask him his name, he has to respond with "Noah, Sir!". When they ask him how old he is, he has to yell "Three, Sir!". You get the picture. Its not that complicated and he knows the answers.

Since he has gotten his yellow belt, he is also expected to learn the form that he will have to know to move on. Tae Kwon Do forms are simply basic movements that are key for when you start sparring. Noah knows the form. I have seen him teaching his stuffed animals how to do it.

Today, though, Master Justin and Master Ryan had enough of Noah not doing what he is supposed to do. I wasn't there to see it, but I guess he would not participate in the warmups and did not cooperate with the masters at all.

Noah got demoted.

Misty was probably more upset over the situation than Noah was. When I talked to him, he told me that he had lost his yellow belt and that Master Justin wasn't happy. When I asked him why he had lost his yellow belt, he told me it was because he wasn't listening. He also told me that he was going back to Tae Kwon Do today to get his yellow belt back.

He did go back and did what he was supposed to do. Master Justin gave him his belt back, but he did let him know that he was going to lose it again if he acted up.

Hopefully, this will get him to start listening a little better.


As of today, I am fairly happy with Noah's effort in classes. Ever since I gave him his belt back, he has been participating in class very well. He is especially more vocal now and not afraid to show it. I am very pleased with Noah and hope he continues to advance.

Give credit where credit is due... I guess it was Master Ryan that took the belt, not Master Justin.

I am glad that it helped, though.

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