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Little Plumber

I got to relive my youth, through Noah, yesterday afternoon.

There are many times that I can remember working with my father around the house or fixing the cars. It isn't like my job was really all that important. I handed dad tools or helped him lose, er..., find parts.

I had a job that had to get done yesterday. We had a toilet that was leaking and I needed to replace the tank parts. Misty was gone for the afternoon, so I put Noah down for a nap, grabbed a wrench and a screwdriver and got to work. I had just gotten the water shut off and disconnected when I heard Noah climbing over his gate and heading downstairs. Since I was draped over the toilet getting ready to take the tank off, I didn't hop up and get him back to bed.

Noah came in to the bathroom and asked me if he could help. I did try, although halfheartedly, to get him to go back to bed and finish his nap. He insisted on helping.

So, Noah and I spent the next hour or so working on a toilet. Noah handed me wrenches and screwdrivers and tracked down bolts and washers. He was on cloud nine. He liked it when we turned the water on and the toilet didn't leak anymore. He was especially happy when I told him thank you for helping.

Now I know that there was more to me helping my father than handing him tools.


Hey Matt--When you flushed the toilet did it turn the water on and off on the kitchen faucet?

No, but when I turned the water on, the lights went out... I think I found the problem.

I guess slowly but surely you are getting better at home improvement.

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