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Daddy's Boy

Noah is a Daddy's boy.

While there is a certain sense of satisfaction that goes along with that statement, I can tell you that it can be a pain in the rear.

First, Misty isn't ecstatic about the fact that Noah would rather hang around with me that spend time with her. This includes sitting on my lap and doing the bed time ritual.

Second, there is the whole diaper changing thing. That's right, Noah is still in diapers and guess who he usually wants to change him. That's right... Dear Old Dad.

Third, as you already know, Noah isn't on my happy list list at the moment and since he has gotten over being mad at me, he assumes that I am done, too. To tell the truth, I am done being mad now, but I couldn't get away from him last night.

The pendulum has swung back and forth between Misty and I being his favorite and I am sure that it will swing back the other direction sooner or later.

When it happens, I am sure that I will be back on here complaining that I don't get enough Noah time.

Until then, I will enjoy it while I have it.

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