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Ki Hap

In Tae Kwon Do, the Ki Hap is very important.

Whenever you kick or punch, you are supposed to Ki Hap. A Ki Hap is a yell. I'm not sure that it really matters what the yell sounds like as long as it is forceful. The main thing is that it is an intimidation factor. It also makes sure that you are exhaling when you are exerting force, which is very important. If you don't, you could pass out.

One of the things that Noah has a real issue with is remembering to Ki Hap when he kicks. For the most part, Noah does a really good job with his kicks, but he just forgets to yell.

This morning, Noah and I had a little time before we left for day care, so I suggested that we practice kicking. We didn't get out the kicking target; I just had him kick my hand. He was getting the basics of the kick down, but he kept forgetting to Ki Hap.

I reminded him several times that he needed to Ki Hap. He kept telling me that he knew, but he wasn't doing it when I told him to.

Finally, I told him that he had to Ki Hap or we were going to stop kicking and go ahead and leave...

He looked me right in the eye, kicked as hard as he could and Ki Happed as loud as I have ever heard him.

He missed my hand and kicked me right in the shin. I can't prove it, but I think he meant to do it.

Go Ki Hap though. Nice bruise, too.


Its amazing what kids can get away with - and appear totally innocent in the process - - - I need to re-learn how to do that!

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