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Daddy, Come Home...

I am 250 miles away from home tonight. I called home around 8:30 to talk to Misty and she told me that Noah had been asking about me. He was still awake, so she put him on the phone.

The first thing that he said was, "Daddy, when are you going to come home?"

Those words make me feel really good and make me feel really bad at the same time. I like it that Noah misses me... It makes me feel wanted. But I also hate the fact that he knows that I am gone and is missing me.

It is all a part of the job, but sometimes that really sucks...


This is one I understand. I have several of those memories of leaving and knowing that I wouldn't see you for a while. I still remember the day I left for the ship and you were upset and Becky was attached to my beard. Mom had to physically peel her hands out of my beard. I had to live with you crying and Becky screaming for 7 months and then when I came home I was a stranger, by the time I was no longer a stranger I had to leave agiain.
The ultimate hurts don't it!!


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