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Attention Deficit

Noah had a serious case of attention deficit tonight.

Noah went to two Tae Kwon Do classes today. Misty said that he did pretty well in his first class. The second class was the family class... All three of use went. Misty and I got a pretty good workout. Noah wandered.

It was quite frustrating for me.. I have seen him do so well. On top of that, I think that Master Justin got a little frustrated as well. He is too nice to ever say anything, but I could see it.

I have to keep telling myself that he is only three and what he can do as a three-year-old is pretty impressive.

Now, along the lines of pretty impressive... Noah has joined the ranks of some of the greatest balloon killers in Tae Kwon Do history. Unfortunately, he doesn't really have a lot of weight behind these impressive jumping kicks and has a tendency to bounce of the balloons.

I think he likes it when he bounces off of them and I don't complain much. It keeps the balloon budget down.

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