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Little Red Car

Misty's car is in the shop and she had to rent a car. Her first choice was a black Pontiac Grand Am. She didn't get that one, but that is a different story...

What she ended up with was a red Chevrolet Cavalier. It is very tiny. Very, very tiny.

Anyway, as Misty was leaving for work this morning, Noah looked at me and said, "Look. It's the Big Red Car. Like the Wiggles. Only smaller."

For anyone who isn't aware, The Wiggles are a group of four crazy Australians that sing and dance along with a green dinosaur that eats roses, a giant purple octopus that leads a big band, a giant dog that has a small harem and a pirate with a feather for a sword. Part of The Wiggles schtick is to get into what looks like a convertible VW Bug and drive around and sing about their big red car. Noah loves these guys... I don't hate them, which is more than what I can say for Barney or the Teletubbies.

So, now Noah loves that little red car. I am sure that he is going to be broken hearted when we have to take it back. I can't wait... That car is too tough to get in and out of for me.

He will get over it.

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