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The Ladies Man

I have related in pasts posts that Noah is a flirt. Tonight, he took it to an all new level.

There are three little girls that go to Tae Kwon Do that Noah likes quite a bit. Their father and I work together. Misty and their mother do Tae Kwon Do together. We all have gotten together before and just hung out. As soon as we walked through the door, the girls grabbed Noah and took him upstairs. We didn't see him for hours after that.

Tonight, I was going to belt test at Tae Kwon Do. Noah and Misty came up to watch me and Halston, Veronica and Ginny were there. Veronica and Ginny were busy keeping Noah occupied until after my class got over.

At that point, Noah started talking to Master Justin and he encouraged Noah to go give Ginny a kiss. He did. Kind of.

A few minutes later, he came over to me and told me that he kissed Ginny and he was going to do it again. He ran over there and gave her a huge kiss and then ran back to me cackling the whole time. Everyone was laughing, so I guess I don't have to worry about a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Man, I can already tell that we are going to have our hands full with this kid.


You needed him to kiss her to figure that out? Noah is going to be a lot more than a handful. And I don't mean when he is 14 or 16, I mean when he is 5. You know why? Because when he is 5,he will be starting school and spending several hours a day with those girls. That's when I got my first kiss, and my first girlfriend too! I still remember that kiss (and the girl) to this day!

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