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Noah isn't potty trained yet. It is driving Misty and I nuts...

We have tried asking him.

We have tried begging him.

We have tried rewarding him ever time he goes.

We have tried coercing him... "Big boys go in the toilet..."

We have tried appealing to his ego... "Your butt will look smaller if you stop wearing diapers..."

So, we are going to try a new approach... We are going to torture him.

OK. OK. Before you call the police, I'm not going to stretch him on a rack or pound bamboo shoots under his fingernails.

We are going to take the mental torture approach.

Before I get in to the specifics of what we are going to do, let me tell you my reasoning behind it. Noah has been around for 1199 days. If you figure an average of 8 diapers a day, that is 9592 diapers. If you assume that there are approximately 50 diapers per package, that is about 192 packages of diapers. If you figure that the average cost of a package of diapers is $20, that means we have spent $3,840 on diapers. That is enough to make anyone take drastic measures.

So, here is our drastic measure. Noah has been asking for a bicycle for quite a while. So, Misty and I went out and bought one for him. We are going to put it together so he can see it. Then, we are going to put it on a shelf so he can't ride it. We are going to tell him that he can have the bike when he starts using the toilet.

I know... It is almost evil. And I am sure that there are some of you that think we are mean.

Then again, I am sure that some of you think you would have thought of it first.


No, I think that is a really good idea. Besides, it's really funny too!

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