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P-p-p-polar B-b-bear P-p-p-plunge

There is something seriously wrong with me...

Tomorrow, it is going to be 40 degrees at noon tomorrow at Shawnee Mission Lake. The lake is still covered in ice.

I am going to jump in to it tomorrow. Out of my own free will. No one is going to be chasing me in.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with me?

I am on a team sponsored by USA Tae Kwon Do and I thought it sounded interesting... I actually volunteered to do it.

Believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to it. Now that it is a day before, though, not so much anymore. I think I was good up until the point I read that you have to sign a waiver saying that, in case of death, your family won't sue them... Death? They didn't say anything about dying when we first signed up for this. Oh well, you only live once. Hopefully past tomorrow...

It is for a good cause, though. We are raising money for the Kansas Special Olympics.

Pictures will be taken for posterity sake... I'll probably post them up here so you can share some of the pain that I am going to go through tomorrow.


Norby did that in college. I thought he was crazy. Now I think you are crazy.

Yeah....good luck with that, the death thing threw me too! We had lifeflight there in Manhattan, so I'm sure they'll have the necessary authorities on hand. That's why I said don't die of shock when I talked to you this morning....


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