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We Survived!

We survived the Polar Bear Plunge! For a short period of time, I wasn't sure I was going to, but I'll get in to that shortly.

The water was 41 degrees and the air temperature wasn't much warmer. The sun was shining and there wasn't much wind, so it really didn't feel all that bad.

Originally, Misty wasn't going to be able to go with me, but some of the things that she was test weren't going to get cut over until later today, so she was able to come out. And, she even took the plunge with the rest of us.

We got there about 10:00 and we had a class out in the park near the beach. The temperature, the muddy ground and the leftovers from irresponsible pet owners made it a little difficult to get in to it, but we ended up having a pretty good class. After the class, the USA Tae Kwon Do Polar Bear Plunge Team (I know, long name) figured out how many people were actually going to take the plunge and how much money we had raised. We had 16 people that made the plunge, the youngest being 4 and we raised around $1,400. Not too shabby.

Noah didn't take the plunge, although he really wanted to. He watched us make the plunge and then admonished us when we were done for "being crazy".

When it got close to the time to make the plunge, we all lined up in front of some police tape. Misty and I made sure to pose for a before photo. After all, we had just signed wavers that said we could die from this.

Then they started to count down... At that point, I kind of got lost in thought somewhere between telling myself that I was insane for doing this and telling myself that it was for a good cause. I came back to reality just as the guy with the megaphone was telling is to go.

I ran in as fast as I could, yelling the whole way. I got to about waist level before it hit my brain that the water was really freaking cold. I'm not sure if I tripped on something or if my legs just decided to stop moving, but at that point I fell in the water. I was still yelling at the time. Let me tell you, landing face first into really cold water with your mouth open is not a good thing. That and the water tastes really, really bad. Anyway, I turned around, hoping that someone would get a photo of me so I could prove that I had actually done this. If you can't tell from that photo, that is a look of utter pain on my face.

Then, it was definitely time to run back to shore. The funny part about it is that once I got up there, I really didn't feel all that cold. I am really glad that it wasn't windy.

Anyway, Misty and I decided that we had better get an after photo to prove that we had actually gotten wet.

So, I did it and I lived to tell about it. And, next year, we are all going to do it again. Noah, too.

It will be fun... Really.


Better you than me my friend - - - though I have to hand it to you - - - - you've got a lot more guts than I have to do something like that! See you in class next week!

Yeah, we had blowing wind and freezing rain when we did it...you guys were lucky. And yes, your legs did stop working, it's what happens to about two-thirds of the people that do that...your body says "whoa!!!" I know that's exactly what happened to me. Luckily we had a heated tent to run back to. Glad to hear you didn't die of shock.

Good for you guys! Looks like it was a lot of fun!

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