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I knew that it would happen eventually, but I don't think I was completely ready for it. I have been relegated to being Noah's father. Not that I haven't been Noah's father before... its just for the first time this weekend, I was just Noah's father.

I know, that is an odd statement, so let me explain it.

This weekend, I heard my father introduce himself as Noah's Grandpa. Well, that's true, but what about me? You know... the guy who had been your son since as long as you have been a father... Then, shortly after that, actually addressed me as Noah's father. Not as a description; it was in place of my name.

I have always known that it would happen someday. I knew that there would be a day that I went from being Matt to being Noah's Father.

At least I still remember my name. Its... uh... just a second.

Oh, well. Nevermind.

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