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I have proof that, in some cases, children are a product of their environment.

Misty is afraid of spiders. Well, she is afraid of everything creepy crawley. And then, there is our daycare provider... She is afraid of pretty much everything.

Anyway... This morning, there was a spider crawling on the wall in the bathroom. I had noticed it earlier, but I figured that I would leave well enough alone. It wasn't hurting me, so I wasn't going to crush the life out of it.

When Noah came in to brush his teeth, he saw the spider. He took one look at it, shrank back and made sure I was aware that it was there. I told him I knew it was there.

"Daddy, its a spider."
"I know. Its just sitting there."
"But, its a spider."
"Yes, I know. Is it hurting you?"
"No... kill it."
"Nope, if you want to kill it, you do it."

So, Noah went and got a shoe. Of course, it wasn't one of his. It was one of mine. He then held the shoe at arms length and waved it in the direction of the spider. Not like he was actually trying to hit it, just waving it.

It was hilarious to watch him. I am sure that, if the spider wasn't worried to death about getting blow off the wall from the breeze that the shoe was creating, he was probably laughing to death.

Noah just kept swinging that shoe like it was going to save his life. I just laughed, turned off the light and told Noah it was time to go downstairs.

I checked this afternoon and the spider was gone. I am sure that it moved on to less dangerous pastures.

At least it will be less breezy.

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