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I had a stressful evening tonight. Not really that I felt a lot of stress for myself... I felt a massive amount of stress for Noah.

Here is the deal... I have built up an expectation in my mind that Noah is going to do a great job every day at Tae Kwon Do. He doesn't always do a great job, but he has fun doing it. When he does do a good job, I let him know. When he doesn't do a good job, I usually don't say much. When he completely screws around during class, I let him know that he will have to do better the next time.

Now, one side note before I go too much further... One thing that I never really took in to consideration is that Tae Kwon Do is really the only place that Noah gets to interact with other kids close to his own age. He is in a daycare, but he is the oldest kid there. The girl that is closest to his age is only about 18 months old. The others are infants. So, when I really see Noah messing around, he is usually playing with some of the other kids.

Anyway, tonight was belt testing. Noah was testing for his orange belt. As soon as all the children got up there to warm up, I started feeling stress. Noah just wasn't listening. He spent most of the time staring off into the sky. When he was addressed individually, then he would answer and start doing things, but not until then.

When it came time for the actual test, Noah did OK. Grand Master Kim was pretty understanding with Noah and had him work on some thing by himself and Noah did pretty well with them. He then had Noah sit down while the rest of the students worked out. Unfortunately, he didn't sit still very long and started roaming. One of the junior instructors came over and kept him company through the rest of that test.

Then came another 2 hours of testing, which I will admit is a long time for any child to sit through, but it just bugged me to see Noah up and roaming around during parts of it.

He did manage to break his board again, with a little help. That was a real high point for him. Hey, whey I broke my board tonight, it was a high point for me.

I am going to keep taking Noah to Tae Kwon Do as long as he wants to go, which he says he wants to do . Hopefully he will start to concentrate a little more on class when we do go.

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