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Weekend Update

Noah had a very exciting weekend. We went back to Hays and for the first time, we stayed at Misty's father's house for the first time since we got married.

Noah couldn't stop talking about it the whole week. He really likes to go see Grandpa Al because he has really big machines. You see, Misty's dad farms and Noah really likes to go out in the tractor. And Noah knew that he had a new thing to ride on this time... a semi truck that he uses to haul grain during harvest. Grandpa Al was looking forward to having us stay there, too. Mostly because he knew Noah was going to go out on the tractor. He had the tractor in the shop last week and made sure that they were going to have it done by the time that we got there.

On Sunday, Noah, Al and I all got into the tractor and went out in to the pasture. Al drove for a while before he asked Noah if he wanted to help. At first Noah was a little reluctant, but when he crawled up on Grandpa's lap and started turning the wheel, he was hooked. He spend about a half hour driving around in circles and chasing jack rabbits. Then he decided he was done and Al asked me if I wanted to drive the tractor. Before I could answer, Noah looked and Grandpa Al and said that I couldn't drive because I was too heavy. He thought I was going to get on his lap like Noah had been. About that time, Noah decided that he wanted to go back to the shed and get out he semi. Noah has never been in a semi and he was a little scared when Al first fired it up. We were in a Quonset hut and the exhaust was pretty loud. Al is still perfecting his semi driving skills and, at one point, he used a choice expletive to express his displeasure in his driving skills. He promptly corrected himself, but I knew that Noah soaked it up.

We got back and put the semi away and got ready to leave. After we got on the road, Noah was explaining to Misty what it was like to ride in the semi... He talked about the noise and then he explained how Grandpa ground some gears on the semi and then told us how Grandpa said those choice words. Misty and I looked at each other and laughed... What else could we do?

Noah has been talking about riding in the tractor and the semi ever since we got home. Looks like Noah and Grandpa Al will be out wasting more fuel again.

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