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This Weekend

This ended up being a pretty long weekend.

Friday was Bunco night. That usually means that Noah and I hang out with my uncle while they women go out and gossip about whatever they gossip about. Part of the evening was spent going to FedEx to pick up the new camera and most of the rest of it was spent reading the instruction manual and playing with it. So far, I am really impressed. I'll get some test shots up here soon.

Saturday was the start of Noah and my bachelor time. Misty went to meet up with her mother to see a concert and stayed the night outside of Topeka. We didn't burn down the house and stayed out of other trouble.

Misty came home today and I think she was pleasantly surprised that we stayed on top of laundry. In fact, we had almost finished it.

Later on in the day was when I found out the major thing that made the weekend long... I got a call from one of my clients that wants me to go to Miami. While in and of itself, that is pretty cool. The problem is that they want me to go there for 3 months. I would get to come home on the weekends, but I'd be gone all week. It really sucks, but unfortunately, I don't have a lot of choice in it. I am not billing right now and I can't handle sitting in the office, so it looks like I am heading to Miami. Hopefully it won't be all that bad. I just hate to leave Noah and Misty that much. When it was just Misty and I, it wasn't as bad. In a lot of ways, we used to operate independently during the week and the came together on the weekends. Now, with Noah, it is completely different. Now we each have to do our parts to keep the house together during the week and having part of that gone is bound to throw a wrench in the works. One thing I can say, Misty does it a lot better than I ever could. She has the ability to balance it all and still come out on top.

Time to start looking forward for this week.

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