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The Park

It was a beautiful day here today.

Noah came in at 6:15 as usual, but I really didn't have a big issue getting up with him. After being away for a week, if felt pretty good having him wake me up and bug me to go downstairs and get him fruitsnacks.

After we managed to get around, we headed up to a place called the Deana Rose Farmstead. It is a large petting zoo that is pretty close to our house. We spent lunch telling Noah about the different animals that he was going to see. We really talked it up. There were quite a few cars in the parking lot when we got there, so I was sure we were going to have to wait to see some of the animals... Boy was I right.

Deana Rose does not reopen until April 1. All the cars were from people at the park next to the farm. After some consultation, Noah decided that he wanted to go over to the park and play. He ran around like a mad man. Climbing up little climby things and sliding down the slides. He was really enjoying himself.

We spent about an hour there before we decided it was time to head home, although not without a great deal of complaint from Noah. He really wanted to stay.

We will head back, and hopefully next time it will be open.

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