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I read a story today that made me do some thinking. The story was about a man who woke up on Easter morning to the sound of his son struggling in his room. When he went in there, he found a man in his 8-year-old son's room. The homeowner proceeded to beat the living crap out of the guy that was in there. First he hit him with a dumbbell. When that didn't work, he proceeded to beat him with a golf club, which broke. Then he pulled out another golf club, which also broke. Lastly, the guy found a fireplace poker and bent it over the guy's head. The man, being drunk and feeling nothing, finally left the house to wander around the neighborhood before being picked up by the police.

First off, I think that this guy got off lucky... He is still alive. I think if I found anyone in my house in the middle of the night that doesn't belong here, I am going to come out swinging. It might be my fist or my foot. It might be a baseball bat. Either way, my goal is going to be to protect my family and if you are in my house unannounced, I am going to do anything that I can.

Secondly, I hope that this guy gets the book thrown at him. Although I don't know how much it will help... a dumbbell, two golf clubs and a fireplace poker didn't do anything. Nevertheless, I hope its bad for him.

Lastly, I hope the homeowner doesn't get sued or arrested for smacking the guy around. I know to a normally intelligent person, his actions were completely justified, but I'm not sure that judges and juries out there are always all that intelligent.

So, let this stand as your warning. Don't come in to my house in the middle of the night unannounced... Your head may start to look a lot like a baseball.


I have often told Norb that the only time I could see myself killing someone is if they threatened Anna. I think the father did the right thing. I think I would have hurt the guy a little more!

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