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There Is Hope!

There is hope that Noah may be potty trained yet.

While I was fixing dinner tonight, Noah came running past me and yelled that he needed to go potty.

He went in to the bathroom and closed the door. I just let him go. I figured that he knows enough about what to do without my help.

A couple of minutes later, Noah started yelling that he wanted my help. I went to the bathroom and tried to get in. He had locked the door. Not unusual for him. This kid really likes his privacy.

I picked the lock and opened the door. Noah was sitting backwards on the toilet. It is just easier for him that way.

I asked him what he needed and he told me that he needed me to wipe his butt because he just got done pooping. I can't tell you how proud that I was.

OK. Not all that much, but I am seeing an end to diapers.

After I did what I had to do, Noah told me that he didn't want to wear a diaper again. He ran upstairs and grabbed a pullup and put it on. I was overjoyed.

Then he promptly peed in it.

And my hopes were crushed.

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