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Have you ever really liked to do something that, after doing it for a while, you have figured out that you really aren't that good?

I don't normally air my pity parties out in such a public forum, but this one is on my mind and I really want to post tonight.

I really like Tae Kwon Do and I try to go as much as possible. I think I am pretty good at certain things. My kicks are what are holding me back. They just aren't all that good.

As with any pity party, now it is time for me to make excuses...

I think part of my problem is that I am overweight. Oh, lets face it... I am fat. I am working on it, so I hope that I can get past that.

Another part of my problem is that I don't practice outside of class. Misty comes home and practices, usually when I am surfing the Internet.

Anyway... I think I am done with my pity party now.

Now back to work on getting my kicks fixed.

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