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Children are sponges... Always soaking up what is going on around them and then spitting it back out there when you least expect it.

When Noah is acting up, I will sometimes ask him if I have to smack him around a little. Now, when he is mad at me, he tells me that he is going to spank me up.

When Noah starts asking an unending series of questions, I will give up and tell him that whatever he is asking about is just the way that it works. Now, whenever I start asking him too many questions, he just tells me that thats the way it is.

When Misty was taking Noah to daycare when I was traveling, she made some comment about running over the crossing guard at the end of our street because she takes her own sweet time in getting out of the way. Now, when Noah and I leave for daycare, he always asks me if I am going to run her over.

We are going to have to be really, really careful...

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