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Korean Butt Whipping

I got my butt kicked tonight, Korean style.

It was a pretty small class tonight and Master Justin asked Instructor Debbie to lead the stretches. The problem, three of the seven people who were there decided not to participate at all. You could tell that Debbie was starting to get a little frustrated and Master Justin could tell.

He took over the streches and decided to really work us. We did 30 pushups, 100 setups in different styles and various other exercises. That is when the fun began.

He got out kicking targets and handed them out to each pair. He told us that our class had lost some of our discipline and that we needed to learn what it meant. We were going to have a Korean style class.

Throughout the next 20 minutes or so, each person ended up kicking the target around 200 times with each foot. About half of the kicks were belt level and the other half were shoulder level. Then we ended up that portion of the class punching the target 150 times. I was beat at the end of all of that.

Then we started some other kicking practice... We had to kick a balloon that was hanging on a string. If we didn't kick it right, we had to do pushups. I ended up doing another 50 or so pushups.

I was beat and covered in sweat by the end of it all. I got home and that was when I realized I loved it. It was a great workout.

I am going to ask Master Justin to do more classes like that. Just not tomorrow.

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