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Good Shooting, Tex

Noah is a child of the millennium. This is a huge statement. All in that statement, it says a lot about all the things that he will never know about. He will never know what life was like with record albums or cassette tapes.

I got to thinking about this when we were walking through a store and saw a cap gun. I didn't even know that they made them anymore.

Kids today are supposed to be sanitized of anything like that. When I was Noah's age, I was playing Cowboys & Indians or Cops & Robbers with kids in the neighborhood. If Noah even suggested that today, I am sure that every parent in the neighborhood would be calling me and telling me that I am racist or teaching my child violence.

So, being the wise and politically correct parent that I am, I bought him the cap gun. And an extra 1000 caps. I wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to keep shooting them for a while.

As soon as we got home, we got it out and I showed him how it works. He was very excited by the little flash and the puff of smoke. He shot around 250 of them that day before he got tired of it.

Now, we must have done a pretty good job insulating him from violence, because he really had no idea that it was a gun. I had to show him that he needed to point it away from him before he pulled the trigger.

I also took the initiative of teaching him some of the gun safety that my dad started teaching me, with a cap gun, when I was about Noah's age. Things like never pointing it at anyone. Real or not, it is still a gun.

He had fun with it, so my mission was accomplished.

Now I really need to go find a record player and some records.

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