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Royals Win!

Let's face it.. the fact that the Royals won a game seems important enough to warrant a post. But todays win was especially important because we were all there.

Misty and I took Noah to the game today. I wish I could say that it was his first game, but it wasn't. It was his first game with us, though.

It was hilarious to watch him during the game... I know that he doesn't understand the game, but he really got in to it with the rest of the crowd. There were times when he was really intense. He even heckled the umpire a little bit. We all know the real reason that he wanted to go to the game, though... hotdogs!

He really wanted a foam finger, and I couldn't tell him no. After we got him the finger, he really got into cheering. In the eighth inning, the Royals were up 10 - 0 and the Rangers started scoring... For those of you that follow Royals baseball, this is where things usually unravel... The did score a couple of runs, and Noah couldn't bear to watch. They held on, though.

When we got home, I wanted to get some pictures of Noah playing around in the front yard... I got some good shots.

Can you smell the cheese?
Check out my molars.
Yeah, I'm cute.
OK. maybe just a little more than cute..
Alright... I'm the cutest ever.
What a stance...
And he's got follow through, too.
Demon Spawn.
And, I'm done.

We had a lot of fun... I'm sure that we are going to be heading back again. Maybe even this year... There is one more Sunday afternoon game this year.

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