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We went out to Davenport Winery today to help harvest grapes. We did it last year and Noah really had a blast.

We waited until last night to tell him that we were heading out there. This first thing he asked was if he got to wear his boots. That was a big deal for him last year. So, at 7:30 last night, we went shoe shopping. There wasn't a lot of selection, but we did manage to find him a pair of boots to wear this morning.

Picking today started at 8:00. Misty and I got up early so we could get showered and then woke Noah up at around 7:15. In an unusual turn of events, Noah got right out of bed and started getting dressed. It usually takes a stick of dynamite to get him out of bed in the mornings...

We piled in the truck and headed out there, but not before stopped to get some coffee at Starbucks. Noah got his usual... A tall decaf 120 degree latte. I always love watching people when he orders that.

Anyway, we got out there and Noah made it clear that he actually wanted to cut grapes today. I was a little leery about it because the nippers that we use to cut the grapes are very sharp. I made sure to warn him several times that it would hurt if he cut him self and he said that he would be careful, so we turned him loose and he started cutting. He really got in to it, except for the bugs that were out this morning. He kept telling me the bugs were out to get him.

I'm sure we'll be out there again soon. Noah enjoys himself way too much for us not to.



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