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Wanna Wrestle?

Noah has gotten addicted to playing with me over the last couple of weeks. Up until about a month ago, he was more interested in playing with his toys at night than what I was up to.

Now, as soon as I walk in the door at night or as soon as we clear off the table, he is right beside me asking me if we are going to play tonight. Of course, I always tell him yes.

As soon as I get into the living room, he pretends to throw me on the ground and then for as long as we have, which is usually about an hour, we wrestle around. I usually spend a lot of time tickling him and he screams and tries to tickle me back.

I really enjoy this time. I hope that he doesn't grow out of it.

But then again, I can't see myself wrestling around with my father at this age.


I remember wrestleing with you when you were Noahs age, but if you were indicating now with me at 53 and you and 30 I can't either. One of the two of us is just a little aged for that.

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