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Busy Busy Busy...

I can't tell you how many funny stories, frustrating days and embarrassing moments that I have not posted in the last few months.

I also can't believe how busy we have been over the last two months. Between the nice weather, Tae Kwon Do, t-ball, swimming, traveling and various assorted other things, I don't think I have had time to sit down and breath, let alone post...

I am going to make it a point to post out here more often. I also have lots of photos that I need to catch up on.

More coming soon.... I hope.


It's nice to see that there are other fathers out there who are enjoying the adventures of fatherhood. I too am a new father (my daughter is 13 months) and we are expecting our second. My blog is about advice for parents...maybe you could post some comments (if you ever have time).

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