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To anyone else, the space behind the chair is just that, empty space where we store some pillows and blankets. And the pillows and blankets are just stuff to fill the space.

To anyone else, we are a typical family. Misty is Misty, Noah is Noah and I am me...

Tonight, that space became the walls of a fortress, the pillows the roof and the blankets became the gates. Once inside, Noah became Peter Pevensie and I was Obi-Wan Kenobi and we had to defend the fortress against the White Witch and The Wolf. Starring in those roles were Misty and Luke.

It still amazes me how the mind of a child works and how Noah can take the most simple things and turn them into a fantastic place. It also boggles my mind at how quickly I will jump at the chance to get pulled into his world. It really isn't all that comfortable sitting behind that chair with pillows piled on my head and Noah standing on parts of me that aren't made to be stood on. Nevertheless, I will get back there every time he asks me to and we will defend the fortress as the White Witch attacks and the roof eventually caves in. If we have time, we'll build it up again and fight the next battle. If its too late, we pack it up and start planning the for tomorrow.

At the end of the day, I look forward to whatever epic battle that Noah has planned for us. At the end of the evening, I dread the time when he doesn't ask me to join in anymore because I'm not cool and he is too old for that sort of thing.


It is hard to get left behind in our kids lives but then along come Grandkids and invite us to imagine and we are cool again.

One piece of Pop advice "take every chance to spend time with your kids and don't make them grow up too soon."

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