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Show and Tell

Noah has been asking if Misty could bring Isabella to school so he could show her off to all his friends and teachers. Today was the day.

Kids being what kids are, it led to a lot of questions about her eye.

Misty told me that when they asked, his teacher kept telling the kids that there was nothing wrong with her eye.

At that point, Noah pushed everyone back and told them that she had a special thing in her eye that was going to help her face grow. He told everyone that she had been seeing lots of doctors and that they are very smart and that they were going to help her.

He also told everyone that he was the only one that could touch her because he was the big brother... No one else had better get close.

Time for a little more show and tell...

Isabella's and her conformer
Isabella with her left eye open
Isabella and her furry protector

More soon...


She is SO cute!! Way to GO BIG Brother!

Misty, Matt, and Noah congratulations on your new arrival! Isabella is very beautiful. I can't wait to see her in person! Please tell her that I will take her on her second (I will allow Mom to take her first!)shopping trip to the mall!

I realize that you all are going through some things right now, but you know that God will not give us more than we can bare. I know that this is a difficult time, but you can already start seeing those rays of sunshine. I will be praying for baby Isabella and all of you.

Noah is getting to be such a big boy, and what a wonderful big brother he already is! Take care and I miss you!

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