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The Story

I can't even guess how many times I have told the story of Isabella's eyes over the past few days. Understandably, people are curious about what is going on and I respect that.

The reactions I have gotten can be broken down into three groups.

The first group are people that are honestly curious about what is going on and have questions about it. They typically ask really good questions and listen to the answers. This group is very good to talk to because some of the questions they ask lead you down paths that you hadn't previously considered. This can be very useful.

The second group of people are the ones that are afraid. They are afraid of asking questions and of they do, they are afraid of your reaction. They ask how things are going and then sit back and look somewhat appalled when you answer with candor. I don't unload on people, but I don't sugar coat the situation as well. I'm not going to break down if you ask and I will answer any question that I can.

The third group of people are the ones that really bother me. This group doesn't say anything and appear to show pity in their eyes. This has not been easy on us, but we do not want or need pity. We have experienced hundreds of emotions in the past few weeks. Anger at the situation in general. Sadness over the loss of the feeling of normalcy. Fear of the unknown. Stress about making sure she gets everything she needs when she needs it. Jealousy at pictures in catalogs and magazines that show children with beautiful eyes staring back at you.

But in that same time, I have never felt, for a single moment, sorry for myself or for Isabella. I wish that things had worked out differently, but they didn't and we are moving forward. Don't pity us... We have a beautiful baby girl that is very healthy. She is a happy baby. She eats well. She sleeps well. She rides in the car well. She has only spit up three times since her birth. Not too many people can say that... With hard work, Isabella's issues can be overcome and she will lead a normal life.

There is no need, or time, for pity.


And she is loved.


I had the privilege of meeting Isabella last week and she is absolutely precious! Keep posting pictures so we can all watch your beautiful children grow.

There's no doubt about Isabella having a wonderful life, her wonderful parents will see to that. GO DAD!

Awesome post matt....Isabella couldn't ask for better parents!

Your family is incredibly lovely and loving. It touches me to see how you are positive, supportive, and that you realize you are all very blessed to have each other. Keep up with the pictures - I love to see babies grow.

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