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One Week

One week and counting. In a little less than a week, Isabella is going to have her cornea transplant. And next week at this time, Misty and I are going to be complete basket cases.

On a daily basis, I go through thousands of scenarios in my head. When we spoke to the surgeon the last time, he spoke about the rewards of corneal transplant. That with care and follow-up, Isabella should be able to see better than I do without glasses. That with correction, Isabella should be able to see well enough to do everything that a completely normal sighted child.

On the flip side, he also mentioned the risks of corneal transplant. There are the normal inherent risks of any operation, such as infection. There are also additional risks with this particular surgery. Infants eyes are very difficult to operate on because of the size and elasticity.

As much as I try, it is hard to get those out of my head an concentrate on the good stuff. I know that the rewards outweigh the risks and I'm sure that everything will work out, but it has been hard to get the bad stuff out of my head.

I guess I'm already a bit of a basket case.

Now, for more photos...

Mommy and Isabella doing what Mommy and Isabella do best.
Mommy's little helper.
Is it a smile or just gas?
Protection will not be a problem...

More to come.


There are a lot of people keeping her and her parents in their prayers. Think positive, dream big for her and love her always.


its gas!!

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