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Twelve Hours

In a little more than 12 hours, Isabella will be going in for her corneal transplant. At 11:00 tomorrow morning, she will be heading into the operating room.

Last week at this time, I predicted that I was going to be a basket case. Surprisingly enough, both Misty and I are pretty calm at the moment. I think that we have prepared ourselves as best we can for the surgery and are just waiting for the hour to come. Tomorrow at this time, the stress will come and Misty and I will rely on each other to maintain our sanity.

I will post updates and information as it comes.


Hi Guys! Just received your email that things went beautifully with the surgery!! Hoorah! I look at your pictures every other day or so. I'm happy for you all, and can't wait to see Isabella. I know this has been extremely hard for you, but I have no doubt you will all pull through just fine. I read your thoughts on Italy and Holland. Some of us never get to leave Kansas, and yet we pull through.

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