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A Clear Window

They say that the eye is the window to the soul. After a one-month delay, Isabella's window is much clearer today.

Isabella's surgery was scheduled for 11:00 yesterday. We got to the hospital at 9:30 and ended up waiting for about an hour before we went back to the pre-op area. At that point, Isabella was weighed and the nurse started administering the antibiotic and dilating eye drops that she was going to need before the surgery. While we were waiting for the eye drops to take effect, the parade of doctors and nurses began. We met with two anesthesiologists, a doctor that was going to be observing, the surgery nurse and Dr. Goins. Dr. Goins is the surgeon that actually did the transplant. Everyone was very confident, which really helped put Misty and I at ease. After making sure that we had all of our questions answered, they took Isabella back to the operating room and we went out to the waiting room.

And we waited...
And waited...
And waited...

After about two hours, one of the other doctors that we had originally seen, Dr. Keech, came out to talk with us. He said that Dr. Goins had some concerns about some mucous discharge from Isabella's tear ducts and that he really wanted to take care of that while she was asleep. This is primarily because a blocked tear duct can lead to infection and that infection would be right next to the transplant site. To resolve this, they were gong to have to do an additional procedure in which the probe through the tear duct to make sure that it drains properly. We consented and off he went to take care of that.

And we waited...
And waited...

After an additional fourty-five minutes or so, Dr. Goins came out to talk to us. He said that the the transplant looked great and that there were no complications. He said that her retna looked fantastic and that we should have great expectations for vision. His only concern was the possibility of infection related to the mucous discharge. To counteract any possibility, he decided to put her on IV antibiotics while we were still in the hospital and then oral antibiotics after we got home. One thing I have to say about Dr. Goins is that he is ultimately confident and if he told me that they sky was green that day, I wouldn't have bothered to look.

He answered all of our questions and left and we had to wait a while longer before they took us back to the recovery room. Isabella was wide awake when we got back there and had already drank 4 ounces of pedialyte. From there, they took us up to the room and we were allowed to relax a bit.

This morning, Dr. Goins came in to look at her cornea and told us that her cornea still looked great and that we could go at any time. We were originally going to stay an extra day in Iowa and come back tomorrow, but we decided that we would much rather come home.

Now, the real fun has started. We have to give her two different eye drops every two hours. 24 hours a day. Every day. For a couple of weeks at least. Misty and I should be walking zombies in a couple of weeks.

Isabella chilling out right before surgery.
Noah and Isabella relaxing.
Isabella and Mommy in the recovery room.

More to come...


What a little doll Isabella is.
Thanks for sharing and you all
are in our thoughts and prayers.

I noticed she had her little fingers crossed in the picture with Misty, how cute. Hope our prayers were answered. Love to you all. Give her kisses and hugs, she is such a beautiful little girl.

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