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More Good News...

Isabella, Misty and Grandma got back from another whilrlwind trip to Iowa tonight. Isabella saw Dr. Goins today and also went to visit the ocularist to get a new conformer.

The news out of Iowa was fantastic. Dr. Goins said that her cornea is looking very good. She is healing up very quickly and he has scheduled an appointment for June 12 to take some, if not all, of the stitches out. At that point, they will refract her to determine how much correction she is going to need. If we are lucky, she will just need glasses. If we aren't as lucky, she will need contacts. I can't imagine putting a contact in her eye, but the doctor assures us that it is a lot easier than we imagine. I remember trying to put them in my eye and it wasn't easy at all... Dr. Goins told us to stop putting the antibiotic drops in for now and maintain the existing schedule of the steroid drops. We are at every three hours, which sounds pretty bad, but it is much better than the every two hours we were at.

One other interesting thing that we got this week was the post operative report. It was very interesting to read the how the procedure happened. Aside from that, though, there was some information about the donor. The donor was a 39-year-old man that died on May 10, 2006. We don't know anything more about him, but we owe him a debt of gratitude that most people can never understand. His decision to donate his cornea and his family's decision to support that has given Isabella the chance to see.

He is turning into a gaming monster... At least its not World of Warcraft. Yet.
We are getting more smiles... Now with bubbly goodness.
Another smile... Big brother not so much.
His first, and hopefully last, experience in jail.

More to come...


Good to see Noah's got his ergonomics all straight, too. =) Looks cozy!

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